In-Home Lactation Services & Consultation

Lactation Consultations

I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area and cover South San Francisco and south down to Mountain View, as well as the coastal towns to the west.

What you can expect from your lactation consultation:

  • Assistance in setting up a nursing station that is most comfortable for you and your baby
  • Help with correct positioning and latch
  • Pre and Post Feeding weights with accuracy to 2/10th of an oz.
  • Additional recommendations as needed (supply issues, supplementation, pumping, etc.)
  • Detailed Assessment Report (sent to OB and Pediatrician)
  • Personalized written Care Plan for you and your baby
  • Free ​Latch Baby​ book

Free Email/Text Follow-Up Included

Follow-up is very important when addressing infant feeding challenges, as the care plan can change almost daily. Unlimited email/text follow-up is available following the initial consult. Follow-up phone support will be charged based on time and frequency.


I do most of my lactation consultations at my clients’ homes where you are most comfortable. This way I can assess your surroundings for an optimal breastfeeding experience. I am also available for virtual, phone and hospital consultations.



PRENATAL LACTATION CONSULTATION (prices based on 1 hour consultation)

  • $250 - Home Visit (includes free copy of ​Latch Baby​ book)
  • $225 - Virtual Consultation
  • $180 - Phone Consultation

Home Visits

  • $375 - Initial postpartum home visit (includes free copy of ​Latch Baby​ book)
  • $250 - Follow Up home visit (1 hour)

Virtual Consultations

  • $325 - Initial visit (includes free copy of ​Latch Baby​ book)
  • $225 - Follow Up consultation (1 hour)

Phone Consultations

  • $180 per hour or prorated at $45 for each 15 minute increment

Hospital Consultations

  • $350 - Initial postpartum hospital visit (includes free copy of ​Latch Baby​ book)
  • $225 - Follow Up hospital visit (1 hour)


Although I do not bill insurance companies directly, you will be provided with a Superbill, which can be submitted to your insurance company for partial or full reimbursement, depending on your plan.

Cash, Check or Credit Cards Accepted


I ask for 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel your appointment.