Lactation and Infant Bodywork Consultations

All support groups and classes take place at my office in Belmont.

  • 1200 Sixth Avenue, #106, Belmont CA 94002

Safe, supportive environment.

  • Small group size provides more interaction.


For pre-crawling babies and their moms

Welcome to motherhood! Tracey loves to connect with new moms, but she loves to connect new moms with each other even more! This weekly, 1 hour group is specifically for new moms to come together in a safe and supportive environment to get their questions answered and spend time with other new moms who are just beginning their motherhood journey. Tracey is happy to answer any questions about infant feeding and newborn behavior. Although the group is facilitated, input from the group is encouraged. Sign up is required due to limited space.

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Circle of New Moms Group

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For pre-crawling babies and their moms

$30/class (includes new age-appropriate toy, valued at $10)

Learn how to play with your pre-crawling baby! Did you know that Tummy Time is not just placing your baby on their tummy?

Having been educated in Child Development and as a former Infant/Toddler Toy Product Developer, Tracey is passionate about babies and baby products. She is a certified TummyTime!™ Method professional and would love to teach you how to interact and engage with your baby while teaching you the steps of the TummyTime!™ Method. Variations of TummyTime!™ Method will be taught based on baby’s age and comfort level. In addition, you will learn about your baby’s reflexes, as well as a variety of rhythmic movements that will help to promote physical strength and flexibility while having fun!

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Mommy & Me Tummy TIME!™ Method Class

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For pre-crawling babies and one adult 


Grapeseed Oil will be provided for use during class.

Learn how to massage your baby!

  • Encourages attachment and bonding
  • Provides physical and emotional relief from discomfort and tension
  • Relaxes and balances baby’s nervous system
  • Stimulation of skin promotes brain and muscle development

For an infant, nurturing touch and compassionate communication are imperative for their health and development. Massage can also help to alleviate common infant symptoms such as gas, constipation and general fussiness. I look forward to teaching you how to massage and bond with your baby using gentle strokes, loving communication and music.

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Mommy & Me Infant Massage Class

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For one pregnant mom and one support person

2 hour class

$100/couple (Includes free copy of Tracey’s breastfeeding book, Latch Baby)

Prepare for breastfeeding ahead of time at this comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding workshop. Dolls and breastfeeding pillows will be used to practice positioning and latch during class.

Class will cover the following topics:

  • Breast changes during pregnancy
  • What to expect in the first hours/days after the birth
  • Positioning and latch
  • Frequency of feedings
  • How to tell if baby is getting enough
  • Typical weight loss/gain
  • Manual expression of breastmilk
  • Burping techniques
  • Different types of pumps and how/when to use them

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop

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